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SnapBox - A Social Experiment


A few weeks ago at a Hackathon a friend and I thought about creating an App to recreate theexperience of a Suggestion Box and improve on it. Asking a person for a suggestion without
specifying further allows us to learn how people think at certain locations.
We started to built an App, called “SnapBox”, that lets users put in a location based suggestion
and other users could see suggestions submitted in 500 feet proximity and vote on them, by
snapping in agreement. This app uses a shared Parse backend for Android and iOS where
suggestions, users and locations are stored.
• Anonymous instant user signup on first start – getting started is easy
• Anyone can post anywhere
• See what suggestions have been left in 500 feet proximity
• Snap to agree, every user can upvote every suggestion once
• Flag inappropriate content – suggestions that have been flagged by four users are deleted